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Professional Design Services

Due Date: Ongoing

Butler County and the Board of Butler County Commissioners encourages professional design firms to submit a statement of qualifications and update its statement of qualifications at regular intervals so that the same may be considered when planning to contract for professional design services. Butler County shall establish and maintain a continuing solicitation on its website for statements of qualifications from professional design firms. Statements of qualifications from professional design firms setting forth the firm's qualifications as defined in this policy shall be submitted in writing addressed to the Board of Butler County Commissioners, at 315 High Street, 6th Floor, Hamilton, Ohio 45011. Statements of qualifications may be updated at anytime and shall remain valid for consideration for the award of a professional design services contract for a period of three (3) years from the date received by Butler County Commissioners. Statements of qualifications submitted within the three year period immediately preceding the date a decision is made by Commissioners to hire a professional design firm may be considered along with submissions responsive to a declaration of intention to select a professional design firm.

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