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Polygraph Examination Services

Due Date: Ongoing

Bid Download: Sheriff's Website at: The County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (Department) requires the services of one or more qualified polygraph examiner(s), independent contractor(s), to enter into an Agreement(s) to provide pre-employment polygraph examination services, on an as-needed basis. The Contractor must meet minimum requirements and be capable of performing the duties as specified in Appendix B, Statement of Work. The approval and execution of a Master Agreement by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for polygraph examination services and the subsequent execution of an Agreement(s) by the Sheriff and Contractor(s) do not guarantee work will be offered. Contractor's Minimum Requirements Interested and qualified Contractors that can demonstrate their ability to successfully provide the required services outlined in Appendix B, Statement of Work, are invited to submit their SOQ provided they meet the following minimum requirements: 1.Contractor must have successfully graduated from a formal polygraph training course, recognized and accredited by the American Polygraph Association, California Association of Polygraph Examiners, or the American Association of Police Polygraphists. Contractor must submit copies of diploma and/or certificate per Subparagraph 2.6.6 of this RFSQ. 2.Contractor must be currently active in the administration of polygraph examinations. To qualify for this status, the Contractor must meet one of the following criteria: a.Minimum of one (1) year experience within the last three (3) years in conducting polygraph examinations for a public law enforcement agency. This experience must have included conducting a minimum of one hundred (100) polygraph exams for a law enforcement agency or agencies, twenty-five (25) of which must have been within the last two (2) years, or b.Contractor must be a full-time instructor at an accredited polygraph school for a minimum of two (2) years within the last three (3) years. 3.Contractor must be a current member, in good standing, with one of the following professional polygraph examiner associations and have attended a minimum of 16 hours of training sponsored by one of these organizations in the last three (3) years: • American Polygraph Association • California Association of Polygraph Examiners • American Association of Policy Polygraphists Contractor must provide copy of membership and training certificates per Subparagraph 2.6.6. 4.Contractor must be proficient in the use of the Lafayette computerized polygraph instrument currently in use by the Department. 5.Contractor must pass with a score of 80% the polygraph proficiency test consisting of general polygraph knowledge, question formulation, chart analysis, and instrumentation (Refer to Appendix C, Required Forms, Exhibit 12). The test is to be completed and submitted with the SOQ. If a passing score is not achieved, the Contractor shall be disqualified.


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