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Competitive Sale of Book Passion – Art – Community Denton, Texas in Word and Image Poems by Karla K. Morton

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Passion-Art-Community Denton, Texas in Word and Image: The 71 page, hardback book, Passion-Art-Community Denton, Texas in Word and Image contains poetry by Poet Laureate Karla K. Morton and art by artists from the Denton community. The "everywhere" in this book emerges from the words of 2010 Texas Poet Laureate Karla K. Morton and from the images created by 18 artists to accompany her beautiful work. All of the contributors call the greater Denton area home. Here, their art recounts the life and times of a North Texas town whose growth and development is fueled by the imagination of its citizens. Combined with a strong sense of community, Denton's passion for the arts has created a city that abounds with opportunities for cultivating the imagination and is strategically positioned to foster the creative power that will be the intellectual and economic currency of the future. From Denton's early days, the arts have played an important role in the development of a city that embraces all of the arts and offers its citizens support in their creative pursuits. • ISBN 978-0-615-58834-6 The City of Denton will only accept competitive sale bids in excess of $10.00 per book. The City of Denton reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

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