BID #11136
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Bridge and Roadway Paving Contracts – 2012-2014

Due Date: Ongoing

1. Milling and removal of asphalt and /or concrete pavements on ground, suspended concrete and steel deck. 2. Removal of waterproofing membrane on suspended concrete and steel deck. 3. Asphalt concrete paving, with Superpave or other heavy-duty paving mixes including mixes with asphalt additives such as Rosphalt, etc. 4. Waterproofing membrane placement. 5. Concrete repairs to underlying concrete base course as required. 6. Portland cement concrete pavement placement using cast-in-place or pre-cast concrete. 7. Resetting of loose and/or replacement of broken roadway castings. 8. Striping, lane markers and reflectors. 9. Associated utility work. 10. Restricted work hours and staging of the work, including maintenance and protection of traffic, to maintain the roadway areas fully operational during peak traffic periods and during removal and replacement of existing pavement on highly trafficked highway and bridge facilities. 11. Extended work hours on weekends.

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