BID #11954
Building Construction 

Stripe & Reseal Parking Lots at Various County Buildings

Due Date: Ongoing

1.0 SCOPE The provisions contained in this section are intended to be cooperative with, to supplement or to modify Instructions to Bidders and Terms and Conditions. In case of any conflict with such sections, the intent of any kind and all Technical Specifications shall govern. 1.1 General 1.1.1 Repair Asphalt 1.1.2 Clean Pavement with power blowers and wire brushes 1.1.3 Prime all oil spillage areas 1.1.4 All work should include a minimum of a one year warranty. 1.2 Application 1.2.1 Apply Heavy Duty Sand Slurry Sealer (mixed per manufacturer's specification. Should contain four (4) lbs. graded silica sand per gallon and three (3%) percent latex additive to insure proper suspension of sand and to accelerate curing time. 1.3 Process 1.3.1 Commercial spray application – 2 coats 1.3.2 Restripe as per existing format 1.3.3 Application shall be per FDOT OPL. 1.3.4 Pavement marking materials shall be from Florida Department of Transportation QPL. 1.3.5 All paint shall meet City, County and FDOT specs. 1.3.6 All debris shall be hauled to a suitable landfill. 1.3.7 Parking areas to be closed and worked in sections to minimize disruption to building operations. Access to the parking area from the building and street to be maintained at all times.

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