BID #11938
Garbage and Recycling Collection 

Residential Recycling Collection & Disposal

Due Date: Ongoing

General Description: The City of Lewes Recycling Collection & Disposal Program consists of: A. Complete collection of all residential recyclables from all single-family and multi-family residential units registered with the City of Lewes' Recycling Program within the corporate city limits of Lewes. The current number of customers/residents with carts is approximately 2000. B. Complete collection of recyclables at all seven (7) City of Lewes parks as well as at Beach 1, located behind the Dairy Queen at the end of Savannah Road, and Beach 2, located on Georgia Avenue. Park locations are available upon request. Collection shall be every other week at all seven (7) City of Lewes Parks and Beaches during the months of April, November, December, January, February and March. Collection shall be weekly during the months of May, June, July, August, September and October. C. Recyclables are not to be landfilled. Weight tickets shall be provided to the City Manager's Office showing tonnage collected on each collection day. D. Collection shall be every other week for each residential customer (26 X's collections per year), currently on Mondays and Tuesdays. The City may amend the agreement to add additional weekly pickups at the pickup fee per household established under this agreement. The City of Lewes preferswould like the collection of recyclables be done, to the extent as much as possible, in conjunction with the City of Lewes residential trash collection schedule, which is currently Monday and Tuesday. E. The City of Lewes has supplied carts for existing customers and will supply carts for any new customers at no cost to the customer. The City currently allows for one additional bag, not weighing more than 25 pounds, to be included in each pick up. F. If recycle pickup is postponed due to inclement weather and/or State of Emergency, the Contractor must coordinate with the City of Lewes to determine dates when recyclables will be collected so as to not cause a significant disruption in service.

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Paul Eckrich
Phone Number: 302-645-7777
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City of Lewes