BID #11112
Building Construction 

Request for Developer Interest and Qualifications for a Mixed Use

Due Date: Ongoing

he City of Grand Terrace, acting as the Successor Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency, is seeking a development partner(s) to develop an area in the southwest sector of our City that is largely unimproved. Grand Terrace is a small, close-knit community of approximately 12,000 people and is commercially under-served. Many community members travel outside the City for their purchases, dining, and entertainment. Our hope is to both correct that by providing more services locally and to attract customers through the freeway visibility of this site. The City Council is pro-business and is actively seeking new retail development. A map of the area is enclosed, which identifies the parcels owned by the Successor Agency, comprising about 53 acres of the approximately 85 acre area. Also enclosed are the tenant and developer opportunity sites we are actively promoting, and this subject site is the first shown. The project site area has extensive freeway frontage on the south side of the Barton Road interchange. The interchange is scheduled for reconstruction in 2014 and is a fully funded project. Currently, the draft environmental document is close to completion and is expected to be available for public comment in July 2012. CalTrans will design the improvements concurrently with completion of the final environmental document. Barton Road is also a main thoroughfare to Loma Linda, Colton and San Bernardino, which will be heavily used over the next several years due to freeway construction. The City has recently undertaken a hydrology and drainage study to design and construct public improvements that will allow more feasible development in this area. Including a private development partner as this process moves forward would create better efficiency in designing both public and private improvements. If this project or any other parcel interests your company, please send a letter of interest to me, along with information describing your qualifications. We intend to first review the qualifications of interested developers, then request development proposals from those qualified, ready to proceed, and able to obtain financing.

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Tracey Martinez
Phone Number: 909-824-6621

City of Grand Terrace