BID #11953
Utilities and Waste Management 

Purchase of Replenishment Water

Due Date: Ongoing

The following is a summary of information that must be contained in each proposal for purchase of the replenishment water ("Proposal"), as specified below. Every effort should be made to provide a comprehensive summary of the quantity, quality, means of delivery, schedule and cost of the replenishment water. Quantity of Water The total quantity of water, in acre-feet, proposed for delivery to the MFSG shall be specified in the Proposal. The replenishment water shall be actual deliveries of physical water to the MFSG for direct recharge and not "paper" water; i.e., in-lieu, transfers, exchanges, banking, or any other nonphysical deliveries. It is anticipated that approximately 45,000 acre-feet will be required in Water Year 2010/11 to make up for past imported replenishment water deficiencies and current demands, and 21,000 acre-feet per year thereafter (or less depending on the success of WRD's Water Independence Now initiative) to maintain and satisfy normal groundwater basin replenishment requirements. There are no minimum or maximum quantities associated with this RFP for the purchase of replenishment water; all Proposals will be considered. Quality of Water The type of water proposed for delivery should meet or exceed the quality of the untreated MWD water that has historically been used for spreading. It is the responsibility of the Proposer that all environmental and other regulatory requirements associated with the delivery of the water are satisfied. Please read bid links for additional information ....

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