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Notice of Intent to Issue a Request for Qualifications and Proposals for the Redevelopment of Westbrook Village and/or Chester Bowles Park

Due Date: Ongoing

The Housing Authority of the City of Hartford (HACH) is providing advance notice of itsintent to issue a request for proposals (RFP 1700-13) from experienced developers for the redevelopment of either Westbrook Village or Chester Bowles Park or both developments. HACH will be seeking proposals for the redevelopment of its two State Moderate Rental Housing (CGS CH. 128, Section 8-69 – 8-81) properties located in the northwest area of Hartford adjacent to Bloomfield and West Hartford. The properties are not contiguous and are distinct communities with particular strengths for redevelopment opportunities and uses. Westbrook Village and Chester Bowles Park consists of roughly 140 acres generally abutting the University of Hartford, situated between the Blue Hills and Upper Albany neighborhoods of Hartford, CT. Proposers may propose to develop one or both sites. The redevelopment of the properties and the surrounding area is a high priority for both HACH and the City of Hartford as a key strategic entrance point to the City of Hartford; both the University of Hartford and the City of Hartford's Public School System are making significant investment in the schools within the community. HACH will be seeking proposals from qualified developers to redevelop the properties either individually or both jointly. The successful proposer(s) will possess and present a vision for redevelopment that reintegrates the properties into the greater community, increases access to affordable and quality housing and provides mixed use options for employment, economic impact and additional community resources. The successful respondent must demonstrate the ability and experience to implement a comprehensive mixed-finance, mixed-income and mixed-use redevelopment plan for either one or both of the sites and the experience to work collaboratively with the residents and other significant stakeholders impacted by these transformational redevelopments. The developer will be required to be creative in its redevelopment planning approach and should consider both rental and homeownership units targeting households with a range of incomes necessary for a socially and economically sustainable housing environment within the community, as well as appropriate non-residential uses critical to creating and sustaining a viable, vibrant and safe community in this important area of Hartford. The redevelopment plan should consider non-residential development (commercial, professional and retail) opportunities for increased employment and services to the community including the neighborhood residents and the institutional stakeholders of the University of Hartford, Hartford Public Schools and the City of Hartford. The HACH will issue this RFP within the next 30 days. Interested proposers should state their interest for inclusion in the publication notification distribution list by writing or emailing the below address.

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