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It is the primary mission of the Department of Coroner (Department) to inquire into and determine the cause, manner and circumstances of all unnatural, suspicious, unusual, violent, sudden and unattended deaths. The cause of death is determined by investigation, post mortem examination and laboratory testing. In appropriate cases the Department utilizes neuropathology services in determination of the cause of death. In order to fulfill its primary mission, the Department is releasing this Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSQ) seeking qualified Neuropathologists who are interested in offering as-needed neuropathology services. Neuropathologists that are determined to be qualified by the Department will form a pool of eligible Contractors that may perform on an as-needed basis neuropathology services for the Department. The services may include, but are not limited to: „« Gross brain examination „« Gross and micro brain examination Prospective Contractors must meet the following minimum qualifications: „« Must have United States citizenship or permanent resident status „« Must have a valid California Physicians and Surgeons license „« Must be certified by the American Board of Pathology in Anatomic Pathology and Neuropathology (note: Physicians possessing certifications in clinical Pathology and Forensic Pathology in addition to Anatomic and Neuropathology are eligible). All minimum qualifications must be met by the time Proposer submits SOQ. Desirable qualifications: a minimum of 2 years prior experience providing consultations to a Medical Examiner/Coroner Office or as a qualified expert witness in neuropathology in California civil or criminal court. The Department invites all interested candidates that believe themselves to meet the qualifications to submit (SOQ) in response to this RFSQ. All SOQ will be reviewed and evaluated for compliance with the minimum requirements. If the Department determines on the basis of the SOQ that the Neuropathologist meets the minimum requirements and is qualified to perform neuropathology services for the Department, then the Neuropathologist may become an Eligible Contractor for award of an Agreement. The award of an Agreement to an eligible Contractor is not a guarantee of work or payment from the County to the eligible Contractor, as these services are on an as-needed basis. This solicitation will remain open until the needs of the Department are met. If you are interested in submitting a response for consideration, you may obtain complete information and instructions in any of the following ways: You may download the RFSQ or contact Elizabeth Seung, Contracts Manager at (323) 343-0682 or to schedule a pick up or request a copy to be mailed via regular U.S. Mail

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