BID #11404
Building Construction 

Information for Immediate Repairs Work Order Contracts 2011 through 2014

Due Date: Ongoing

This contract provides for immediate repairwork orders and inspection support work orders, to be issued by the Chief Engineer, toensure public safety and maintain essential facility operations. These work orders will provide a mechanism for resolving structural integrity problems requiring immediate repairs, as required, to ensure public safety and/or maintain essential facility operations. The firm should be able to: 1. Provide labor, materials and equipment not more than 24 hours after notification of the need for an Immediate Repair by the Chief Engineer. 2. Respond with all construction disciplines and shall also be able to close lanes on major highways. In addition, the firm shall demonstrate the ability to obtain construction permits, such as lane closure permits, sidewalk closure permits, road-opening permits, environmental permits and other permits required by state and local jurisdictions. All work needs to be completed in accordance with current federal, state and local environmental, health and safety regulations. 3. Provide Inspection Support Services including elevated access, lane closures, providing various types ofequipment for the use of inspection team, removal/replacement of architectural finishes such as ceilings and cladding, etc. within 7 days notice by the Chief Engineer. 4. Complete multiple immediate repair and inspection support service responses simultaneously. The firm must possess administrative and management procedures to i) provide timely contract estimates for each work order, ii) maintain detailed financial records and iii) schedule and manage multiple responses. In addition, the firm should have available written safety procedures for the various element of work.

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