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Garbage and Recycling Collection 

Freshwater and/or Wastewater Treatment Facility Maintenance Services RFSQ

Due Date: Ongoing

The County of Los Angeles, Internal Services Department (ISD) is seeking qualified companies to enter into Master Agreements with the County to provide as-needed Freshwater and/or Wastewater Treatment Facility Maintenance services, which consist of Freshwater Operations and/or Wastewater Operations, and include, but are not limited to, inspecting for proper operation; recording/logging the operation; maintaining equipment functioning properly; checking meters, gauges, pumps and control panels to verify proper operation of the equipment; and reporting to County any improper discharge of wastewater and/or any low water levels, contaminants, etc., that may be found in the Freshwater. In addition to providing the required services, vendors must be able to respond within 24 hours notice when necessary. Pursuant to California Codes, Government Code Section 31000.4, the resulting Master Agreements are for the provision of temporary Freshwater and/or Wastewater Treatment Facility Maintenance services on an as-needed basis. Temporary services may be utilized for any single emergency or temporary absence that requires temporary services not to exceed a maximum of ninety (90) days. County reserves the right to contract with other entities for the same or similar services. The department will solicit various types of facility maintenance services from qualified vendors during the term of the Master Agreement. Vendors are required to be qualified to perform all services for Freshwater Operations and Wastewater Operations, as described in Appendix J, Statement of Work, of this RFSQ. Additionally, vendors must have the required licenses and certifications, as described in Section 1.5, Required Licenses and Certifications, of this RFSQ. As of release of this RFSQ, services are to be provided for ten (10) freshwater facilities, four (4) wastewater facilities and eight (8) freshwater and wastewater facilities for a total of twenty-two (22) facilities.

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