BID #12323
Building Construction Traffic Engineering Services 

Extend, Mark, and Light Runway 6-24 and Taxiway Alpha at Lake Wales Municipal Airport

Due Date: Ongoing

The project consists of Extension, Marking, and Lighting Runway 6- 24 and Taxiway Alpha, including but not limited to: 1. Full depth P-401 Asphalt with P-211 Base Course for a 1,400' extension of Runway 6- 24 & a 3,300' extension of Taxiway Alpha 2. A full length runway rehabilitation effort to include milling and 2.00" overlay with FAA P-401 Hot Mix Bituminous Surface Course, 3. Rejuvenation of Taxiway Alpha per FAA P-627, 4. Demolition of existing non-standard Taxiway Delta, 5. Full runway & taxiway marking per the runway classification to FAA specifications, 6. New Medium Intensity Runway and Taxiway Lights (MIRLS/MITLS) and runway threshold lights for 1400' Runway/Taxiway extensions, 7. New Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI) -4 units for Runway 6-24, 8. Runway End Identifier Light Systems (REILS) on both runway ends, 9. Electrical vault upgrades and modifications as necessary to support upgraded airfield lighting system.

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