BID #12630
Other Professional Services Websites and Networks Design 


Due Date: Saturday December 31st, 2050

a. After Acceptance of any software Deliverable by the Department and subject to the terms, conditions and charges set forth in this agreement contractor represents and warrants the maintenance and support services for any software deliverable shall be provided to the Department as follows: 1. Contractor shall provide such reasonable and competent assistance as necessary to cause the Deliverable to perform in accordance with applicable portions of the Specification. 2. Contractor shall provide improvements which may be available to contractor to any deliverable b. Contractor shall not be responsible for the consequences of any hardware deliverable repairs adjustment or modification performed by any person not representing contractor however this provision does not preclude contractor granting approval for such performance by persons not representing the contractor. c. contractor shall maintain sufficient installed hardware deliverable staff replacement hardware deliverable and ancillary equipment to satisfy the preventive and remedial maintenance requirements and section d. contractor shall have full and free access to any deliverable to provide required services thereon.

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