BID #11883
Catering and Cafeteria Operations 

Concessionaire Services for Parks and Events 2013

Due Date: Ongoing

Specifications/Scope of Services: It is the intent of the Owner to establish a qualified pool of concessionaires and caterers to provide services for various parks and events. From this pool: 1) awards shall be made for individual contracts for the 2013 Concessionaire Services for Special Events; 2) all selected to participate in the qualified pool shall be eligible to provide Concessionaire Services for all other Owner Parks and Events for 2013. These selections shall be established from qualified proposals received from professional Concessionaires or Caterers to provide the labor, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide Concessionaire services. Concessionaire is defined as "the owner or operator of a concession; one that operates arefreshment stand at a recreational center and pays a fixed sum and/or a percentage ofrevenue to the entity with the ability to assign exclusive rights for an area or facility". Caterer is defined as "a person who, as a profession, provides food, supplies, and serviceat social gatherings or events". The Owner shall develop pools of qualified Concessionaires and/or Caterers throughoutthe year, beginning January 2, 2013. to provide services from their own stand alone"booth" space for the Special Events, and events at various Owner parks. The general scope of services requires concessionaires or caterers with extensivebackground and experience in the concessions, catering, and food handling industry as well as with extensive knowledge of the Mesa County Health Department regulations and standards. ?

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