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Commissary Products ITQ

Due Date: Thursday June 30th, 2022

The Department of General Services, Bureau of Procurement is soliciting suppliers to submit proposals in response to the Commissary Products Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) Contract, 35700. Those suppliers that respond to this ITQ, if determined to be qualified, will be eligible to provide proposals for various types of materials to Commonwealth agencies. Suppliers interested in doing business with the Commonwealth through this ITQ, must first become registered as a Commonwealth Supplier. For more information about Supplier Registration, please view the Registration Guide - Registering As a Supplier. Once a supplier is registered with the Commonwealth, they must develop and submit a proposal along with all supporting documentation through the PASupplierPortal Website (www.pasupplierportal.state.pa.us) in order to qualify for one, all, or any combination of the Service Categories listed in Part I – Statement of Work. The Commonwealth will evaluate the proposal and supporting documentation to determine whether the supplier meets the minimum eligibility requirements. Suppliers must also complete and submit additional required documentation as specified in Part II – Bid Requirements for their proposal to be considered as being complete and responsive. For more information about the ITQ, please go to: http://www.itqrp.state.pa.us

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